What do we need to know to price a video?


Corporate videos are a bespoke product, here’s what we need to know to produce a price.

get a corporate video Price in the uk.

We can easily give you a price estimate for a video, if we have the right details!

So what do we need?

We need to know the client.

If we know the client, we can see brand values, customers, media channels, products, etc, all of which enables a proposal that embraces their value proposition and customer needs, and our creativity.

If we don’t know the client, we cannot produce an accurate cost, or relevant proposal, or be creative.

We need to know when the video is needed, or any other fixed date related to the project.

No point in providing a quote if we can’t meet a deadline, so best get that cleared up asap.

We need to know what the video is going to be used for and on what channels.

If we know the use, we can ensure outputs and content are optimised, which impacts post production, treatment, and price.

We need to know where we are shooting.

We can’t work out expenses if we don’t know where we are going!

We need an outline of what the video is about, and its basic treatment.

The more detailed, the more accurate our costings. If there’s a script/treatment, we need to see that, if not, we need to know if we need to develop that. Examples of other videos like the one you need, or that you like the treatment of, are always good.

We need to know runtime, and outputs.

Longer runtime means more script development, shoot time, post production, and tweaks. More outputs such as social and square edits, means more post production and again, more tweaks.

We need to know how long you think we should allow for the shoot.

This helps to determine treatment and planning, as well as price expectations. If you don’t know, then we can put in an estimate with price.

We need to know if there are any particular needs around the project.

Does the video need outputting in a specific codec? Are we shooting on a controlled access site? Are their particular shots which MUST be included? Anything which is essential or which would impact planning or shooting.

The more detail you provide, the more accurate and relevant our pricing can be.

If we can get all of that, then we might even be able to produce a quote, instead of an estimate!

If we produce a quote then you have certainty, if an estimate, then we will need to get into more detail prior to the project commencing, to allow us to produce the quote and enable the project.

Of course we will always try to keep to an estimate when moving to the quote stage, but small changes in the spec or shooting needs can often produce large changes in price!

If the details you can provide are scant, or you’re just at the start of the planning, then talk to us!

We regularly design projects from the ground up, with treatments and fixed prices.

These can be driven by client budget, or ambition.

The absolute best way to get a price for a project is to determine the budget in advance.

We can then design the project to deliver best value from that budget, and fully embrace our creative potential.

Only you know how much value a project contains for your business, so only you can determine the best price for that. If we start with that, we cut to the chase and are delivering optimum value, and max creativity, from the start.

If you would like us to quote on a project for you, then contact us!

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