Crewing & Video Production Services

From crewing to post production, our team is here to help!

Our Nottingham team and facilities are here to help with all of your video crewing, capture and post production needs.

Need a video crew to shoot for your in-house marketing team, or editing and AE work on video you already have or are shooting yourself?

We can help with all of that, from consulting on internal processes, to script development, video capture and editing bespoke content.

For HETV capture, specialist car kit, drone work, VFX, standalone brand animation, or bespoke editing, get in touch!

Crewing and Video Capture

With a full range of capabilities, including 6k and HETV capture, drones, specialist car kits, GoPros, lighting, audio, and more, we provide video capture, crewing, and rushes service for most needs. Our team regularly film a range of subjects, from PTCs and events, to complex technical and engineering shoots for research and development purposes. With full copyright included in all work, plus extensive experience in producing confidential footage, we provide a discrete and professional full capability service.

Post Production

WIth six bespoke edit suites, we provide full editing solutions for in-house or third party footage, including After Effects VFX work to correct or fix content issues, colour grading, audio EQ, motion graphics, brand animation, bespoke animations, stills photography and more to supplement internal teams or produce stand alone content.

Drone Video and Stills Capture

As a CAA licensed drone operator we provide a range of aerial drone based video and still photography options, either as a standalone or add on service. Options include 6k capture, Open Category and FPV.

Consultancy and Training

We regularly provide consulting and training to allow businesses to set up and manage in house production capabilities. With advice ranging from specific production processes, to cost effective equipment acquisition and specialist staff training, we can help you cut through the technical issues and produce a cost effective and productive internal team.

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