So what are “Rushes”??


Rushes are essential on any corporate video project…

Rushes video wrapper
Typical video rushes intro with “Bars and Tone” showing technical details, camera etc.

But what are “Rushes”, and why should a customer have them?

A rushes package comprises all of the decent footage from a project, including everything used in your video, as well as everything not used.

This is output unedited in a curated timeline, organised according to the platform shot on (GoPro, Drone, Main Camera… etc) and the subject and day of the shoot.

Output at the highest uncompressed quality, with the appropriate LUT to take the material from the camera’s bespoke colour space into REC709 or whatever has been requested, this material is then ready to edit and archive by the customer.

Traditionally rushes (or “Dailies“.) consisted of film shot over a day and then processed over night for review the next day by the production team.

Nowadays we can deliver this in the traditional rapid manner, but more typically we deliver these after a project is completed, as an addition to the final outputs.

This allows clients to lock in long term value from the project by securing the assets for future use, converting a short term project into a long term asset that can be repositioned or reused for new projects long into the future.

Rushes turn your video from a short term marketing tool into long term IP with real value for the business, often providing greater value than the original project.

Rushes are just one of the ways that Page One has been providing great value to our customers. The big lesson from the pandemic has been that rushes are essential for business continuity during times of disruption. Customers who embraced rushes have continued to be able to output video to stakeholders, even when the ability to shoot was compromised.

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