5 top tips for best value from your video production.


5 common sense practical tips to get best value from your corporate video projects.

Agile video production script writing graphic from Page One for TikTok and more.
Agile production is central to getting best value from a video project!

Most companies still approach video as one off costs, but that is almost the worst thing to do, ensuring that your video will be expensive and inflexible.

So what does a business need to do to ensure their videos are an asset, instead of a cost, and deliver best value?

Buy the copyright. Without the copyright in the content, you can’t reuse it for other stuff without spending more money. Buy copyright in your initial spec, and watch out for use of third party stock, and its licence terms!

Get a rushes package. This is all the original footage output so you can reuse it for other projects, with no embedded treatments. Without getting Rushes, you have no way to reuse the content. Spec it from the start of the project as doing it afterwards can cost more.

Plan multiple outputs from the start. Don’t just do one big video, include social edits and different aspect ratios from the start. This way you shoot to accommodate those, and editor can leverage existing timelines to produce other outputs quickly.

Shoot Open Gate. Whilst this may not be feasible if you need slo-mo, as much video should be shot Open Gate as possible, making vertical and square outputs easier, and saving shoot time.

Embrace Agile; Agile is central to creating value, ensuring you release videos quickly, avoiding non-expert stakeholders in production and over-editing.

By putting these common sense tips at the centre of your corporate video thinking, you’re well on the way to ensuring that your videos deliver best value and become assets for the long term.

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