Lean + Agile = Video success!



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How do you lose your bad practices when you go agile?


For agile to work, you need to understand how the dynamics associated with agile will or won’t work in your business, and the wasteful practices that your existing structure embraces.

Going through the motions won’t bring the advantages of agile, and may just embed bad practice in a new structure.


Agile isn’t good enough on its own, you also need Lean.


Lean production methods are the key to rooting out bad practices and barriers to real value.

Embrace the lean concepts of Muda, Mura, and Muri.

This eliminates waste from the production process through not engaging in pointless tasks, ensuring that you keep your workflow regular and constant, and not overburdening either your systems or your people.

Sprinting does this. It reduces downtime, it gets things done when they need to be done, it brings teams together as an organic whole and enables rapid change. It ensures maximum engagement in a project without distraction.

By rejecting the “Big Bang” concept of video production and embracing iterations, you produce greater volumes which engage sooner, getting a faster return on investment and reducing risks.

Producing videos in this way brings us to the optimum production nexus, where speed, quantity and quality come together to produce a stream of brand aware timely messages which make best use of the new marketing channels opened up by video.

This produces more videos more quickly, and responds more rapidly to change and feedback, as well as cutting costs and reducing the risk of failure for everyone.

And by doing this, you also rid your business of bad practices.


Don’t substitute Agile for expertise.


Expertise must still lie at the centre of your process.

It is only through a clear understanding of the key messages that the production company can actually make the choices needed to ensure they are operating in a lean manner.

Lean+Agile is not doing more with less, it about doing more with more.

More expertise, more speed, more insight.

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