Quality Counts, don’t be fooled.

Its often said that any video is better than no video.


picture of people watching crappy old TV


But with video now endemic across the internet this idea is not just obsolete, but dangerous, as the quality of the video becomes a key differentiator.

Viewers are no longer naive, their expectations have evolved to become much more nuanced.

They can tell the difference between amateur video, and video which reflects a brands values.

So the quality we output must match the quality of the brand.


If you don’t get the quality right, you introduce a dissonance into the viewer, as brand expectations fail to match experiences.


We can use dissonance to engage with viewers, challenge expectations, introduce new ideas or simply to shock or surprise.

But unplanned dissonance harms a brands reputation and values outside of the context of the video, as well as leading to higher bounce rates and lower engagement.

Whilst standards of quality vary according to platform and the nature of the content, there are technical details which need to be right to ensure the viewer has a positive experience.

Your video should be properly exposed and in focus, the colour should be accurate and skins tones and highlights should look good.  Audio is a major bugbear on many videos, you must get the audio right to ensure your message is understandable.   And of course the actual edit. Its amazing how many videos are just boring, too long, too slow, or they bury the lead.

Get the pictures and the audio right, and make sure its not boring, and you will have a seamless video which won’t put barriers in the way of your messages.

Don’t and you will have a production full of problems that cause dissonance in your viewers and which they will not watch, as that is the quickest way for them to resolve those issues.

Whilst paradoxically your video may have all of the correct messages,  if the physical quality leads to low levels of engagement and high bounce rates,  search engines will mark down the quality of your content.   And poor quality content harms your SEO results.   

All of this may sound obvious,  and in fact it is. But there is an enormous amount of video being produced which does not deliver on these basic measures.

So when your selecting a producer,  look at and compare their actual output.

What do they actually deliver to their customers?

Does this quality match your brand expectations and values?


The right content is no longer any content, its actually good content that delivers the right messages with the right quality.


If your video looks like an amateur production,  that is the takeaway folks will have in regards to your brand.

Quality is key for us as video producers,  with fully colour managed edit suites, the latest in audio and video capture,  and a heritage of caring about the images we produce.

Our agile and lean production methods start and finish with quality of output at its core.

Get in touch to see how we can help you with your next video production.








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