Square Video First For Social.


Square Video Beats Vertical.

For all the talk of vertical being the sexy beast for social, it’s actually square video that’s the Cinderella of corporate videos.

Square video for Nottingham City Transport

So why square instead of vertical?

Vertical is popular as a result of shooting on smart-phones for platforms like TikTok, Facebook Reels and Insta Reels.

But for the platforms most corporate video engagement is on, vertical doesn’t make best use of real estate and shooting that way restricts use on other platforms.

When we shoot square on a standard 16:9 camera, we shoot in a normal fashion but composing for square.

Which means we can output a 16:9 aspect video from the same shoot, using the same shots.

And we can also make a good square from stock footage.

So if it was shot 16:9 first, we can go square easily.

Square does the same as vertical by optimising real-estate on mobile, but is easier to produce, and best suited for the most common corporate platform, Linkedin.

If we shoot square first we can produce twice as many outputs, allowing better targeting of viewers and different use scenarios, without significant cost increases.

16:9 version of above, note the shots have been composed with both versions in mind.

Another great thing about square?

It’s easy to convert into a useful vertical as well… by adding subtitles across the bottom of the images.

Square is the classic aspect ratio, with Hasselblad, Rolleiflex, and many of the finest film cameras producing square images.

The first cameras that went to the moon? Square format.

So if you’re thinking about social for corporate, then think square first.

With Open Gate shooting, producing vertical and square formats from one shoot is much easier, making the choice of outputs in advance less important.

But despite open gate, vertical outputs are still more difficult than square

They often require a rethink on the graphics, more tweeking on composition and different shot choices.

So for projects where budgets are constrained, producing socials in square format should still be your first choice.

In addition, much corporate B2B content isn’t suited to B2C engagement on TikTok or Reels.

So outputting for those may not present good value, versus for professional engagement on Linkedin, its best to produce a square in the initial edit.

If you’re thinking about a new video, no matter the aspect ratio, contact us!