The big AI opportunity no one is talking about.


AI provides a lot of opportunities for video production, but the biggest isn’t what you think.

AI video is undetectable even with special glasses
Even with special glasses, you can’t spot AI video!

From live footage to voice overs, AI is changing every aspect of how video is produced, presenting new opportunities at every stage.

But the biggest opportunity is paradoxically not the opportunity to use it to create content.

The biggest opportunity is to build trust in brands through its deliberate rejection, and produce content that people can trust to match their experience.

Whilst this has always been the main point with video, the difference now between AI and reality has never been more blurred.

In the past video may or may not have been trustworthy.

But with AI, video is now NOT trustworthy…it’s no longer real.

So businesses now have an opportunity.

Embrace AI to manipulate reality and exploit buyers, abandoning the idea that their marketing is a reflection of reality but maybe saving money.

Or reject it and embrace a nuanced policy, exploiting the lack of trust in AI to reinforce trust in their brand.

But it’s not just an opportunity that AI creates for brands, it’s an existential threat.

It destroys the idea you can trust in brand to deliver a certain user experience, through conflating lack of trust in AI, with brand.

If what we see with our own eyes can’t be trusted as it’s not real, how can the consumer trust the brand experience being shown?

The very concept of brand is based on trust… it’s why brands were created in the very first place.

Remove trust, and you destroy the value of brand.

Brands which embrace AI wholeheartedly, risk being damaged or destroyed through that association.

The 2023 Edleman Trust Barometer reveals that businesses are the most trusted institutions, with politicians and the media least trusted.

With politics and the media at the centre of “Fake News”, is that correlation or causation, or a bit of both?

Either way, there is a big opportunity for businesses to demonstrate a nuanced position around the use of AI, whilst not doing so risks them losing their strong trust position, which is central to brand health.

Brand is based on trust, brands and businesses now have the most trust of any institutions, embracing AI endangers the very substance of brand, and will waste the opportunity that their current trust ratings now provide.

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