New Colour Grading Suite Launched!


We are pleased to report that our new DaVinci Resolve colour grading suite is now in action in Nottingham!

Resolve is the gold standard for colour grading and in the past was integrated into our other edit suites.

Our new bespoke suite embraces Netflix standards as well as hardware control surfaces and high quality monitors to improve productivity, colour accuracy, and creative potential.

Based on an AMD system from UK specialist builder Chillblast, it brings a substantial increase in processing power to the studio, cutting render times across the board.

In addition to new colour grading hardware, we are also upgrading our human “software”.

Advanced training has been rolled out for all of our team, ensuring that these capabilities can be used across our agile production environment.

Page One’s heritage is in photography, where colour is central to quality and narrative function.

Our new colour grading suite builds on that heritage, helping us to use every aspect of a video to tell your story.

Part funded through an EU ERDF grant, the new colour grading suite brings the number of edit suites at Page One to six, including bespoke suites for stills photography, motion graphics, and editing in Adobe CS.

If you would like to explore how we can help you get great colour in your next corporate video production, contact us!