VFX make corporate videos shine!


You wouldn’t think corporate videos would need a lot of visual effects, but using Hollywood VFX in your business video is how we make your content shine!

In our corporate video productions we use VFX daily to fix problems, animate stills, correct brand issues, and generally clean up and correct things in our videos which negatively impact the viewer experience.

A good example of this is a recent video we did for REE, who wanted to benchmark their new P7 Box van.

In the world of automotive development, we do not have the luxury of waiting for the weather.

And as it turned out, it rained on the shoot day.

This left a mess on the track, when we needed a clean surface for the drone shots.

To fix that, we rotoscoped the vehicles and then replaced the wet track with a dry and cleaned up version.

We then added motion graphics to ensure that everyone understood what was happening.

Instead of mess, we now had a nice clean video which clearly showed the superiority of the REE vehicle.

Whilst we often deal with large issues most visual effects work is to correct small items, to bring a video up to perfection.

Small seamless VFX work can range from sky replacements, (Often done on still CGI images.) to removing items in a shot such as rubbish, bits of gear, random people, etc.

We may even shoot chroma key content to include in a shot, or use masks to block or insert material.

Fixing issues with landscaping such as making a brown lawn green, adding leaves to trees, (Occasionally bringing a dead tree back to life!) are all in a days work.

With a powerful set of tools at our disposal, we are able to incorporate VFX into almost all of our productions, ensuring the if something goes wrong on the day, we have the best chance of “Fixing it in post!”

If you need a bit of VFX for some footage, or want to talk to us about how we could build a great video for your business, Contact us!