How a training video helped keep the lights on!


Electricity company’s training video taught their engineers best practice.


When one of the largest producers of electricity in Europe decided to introduce a new system for solving engineering problems at their power plants, they decided that the best way to teach people about it was with a training video.

Often when engineering problems occur arriving at a solution to the problem, and then ensuring that solution is implemented in the long term, can be difficult.

To overcome this the business wanted to train their staff on the implementation of a new root cause analysis tool, using a case study to highlight the advantage of the tool.

The advantage of using a case study for corporate training videos is that the relevance of the training is obvious to the learner, and the story telling nature makes the learning a more natural and enjoyable experience, leading to higher retention levels.

A narrative script was produced by the lead stakeholder, which was then tweaked by us and a shot list prepared.

Over the course of two days at a power station in Kent, we shot material including a re-enactment of the incident being analysed, role playing between key stakeholders, a re-enactment of the tool being used and interviews discussing the case study incident.

A separate narration was also made for the video to talk the viewer through the story and explain key points.

Graphics were then produced in house and a first cut output to allow for revisions and fine tuning of the learning material from feedback.

The final video has now been rolled out across the fleet of power stations to help manage engineering issues and keep the lights on for everyone!

This video is an excellent example of using a case study, where the company’s own staff re-enact their roles, to communicate training in a way that spreads best practice as quickly as possible, saving time and ensuring maximum retention.

Our agile production methods were central to making the delivery of this corporate training video as easy as possible for the client, allowing us to adapt the script and images to best suit the circumstances on the day and be inclusive of stakeholder feedback after shooting.

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