Flip the classroom with training videos


Flip the classroom with video to bring the lecture home, and the homework into class.

Training video is changing teaching by delivering lessons to students at their convenience, and using one to one and classroom time to reinforce that, a learning method called “Flipping the Classroom”.

Flipped Classroom” teaching allows trainers to deliver more meaningful and in depth content than would be possible using traditional teaching methods.

Video content is at the heart of the flipped classroom.

This can take many forms, from a simple video of a lecture, to a full green screen video, depending on the material being studied and the nature of the lesson.

Scenario based training videos can be especially effective in the flipped classroom. These videos deliver excellent engagement as they present relevant lessons delivered in an interesting and empathetic manner, and when combined with classroom based activities which support the content, become even more powerful.

Even a simple lecture can be made more effective when using video, allowing students to instantly revisit aspects they struggle with and making information available when a student needs it.

Flipping the classroom via online training videos and then turning the classroom into a more personal experience, avoids students feeling frustrated by directly supporting students with real practical help.

Using video to flip the classroom improves results.

One case study from a U.S high school found:

The failure rate in English lectures fell from 52% to 19%.
The failure rate in Maths lectures fell from 44% to 13%.
The failure rate in Social Studies fell from 28% to 9%.

Another U.S. study found:

In 2014 78% of teachers flipped lessons, double that from 5 years previous.

96% of teachers who have flipped lessons would recommend doing so to other teachers.

90% of teachers who had flipped the classroom noticed a positive change in student engagement.

The lesson is clear, using training videos to flip the classroom delivers improved results for the students.

Agile production makes flipped classroom training videos fast and easy.

Training videos are ideal for agile production methods, as they need regular iterations and new content to keep learning material engaging and up to date.

With video rapidly becoming the most powerful tool for delivering training, you should Talk to Us to see how we can bring this to your business!