The One where we get to blow up an EV…


Ever wondered what a burning EV looks like?

We get to shoot a lot of cool automotive videos, but it’s pretty rare that we get involved in setting stuff on fire.. and even more rare is when it’s an electric car!

So it was great fun to be able to help Prosol UK produce a video to demonstrate their new EV fire blanket.

Burning a EV is not a risk free activity. There are toxic fumes to consider, the danger of small explosions from bursting tyres etc, and of course, you know its on fire!

So a thorough risk assessment and plan to keep everyone safe was put together, and fingers were crossed for good weather on the day!

On the day Lady Luck was with us, and a perfect spring morning greeted the team as they rocked up at HORIBA MIRA, and deployed three of our Fuji XT series cameras, as well as our Autel drone.

Surprisingly it was much harder to get the car to actually burn that most folks would expect, but after a bit of effort the Leaf cooperated and met its end in a spectacular fashion, complete with several explosions!

EV fire filmed by Nottingham Corporate video producers Page One
The Leaf well alight before the Prosol fire blanket was deployed.

Prosol’s new EV fire blanket was then successfully deployed by Warwickshire Fire and Rescue Service, and worked as designed!

So check it out!

And if you’re looking for someone to shoot a corporate video where you blow some stuff up, then get in touch!