Do your own narration and take ownership of your video!


Taking ownership of your business video is easy if you do your own narration.


build trust in your video by doing your own narration.
Using real people in your corporate or business video is a great way to take ownership of your video and build trust.

Putting your own people in your business videos leverages the power of video to build trust by taking ownership of your message.

One of the big advantage’s of an SME is that it is smaller, with more personal service, and as such potentially more trustworthy for a customer.

By putting key stakeholders in your company video, you build this trust.

Using real people in a corporate video means it will be more personal and different from your competition, and that’s one of the keys to making a better video.

It’s not difficult!

Doing so isn’t difficult. While the message may not be as slick as having an actor or voice over artist, there is plenty of help about to produce a quality result.

With coaching from us and the use of our teleprompter, almost anyone can be a polished video presenter.

We find in many businesses that there is often someone who is a natural, and can bring a strong personality to the video which adds real value.

There will be videos where a professional voice over artist is essential. But doing your own narration and taking ownership should be the first choice, as it personalises your video and maximises the trust you build.

In the end your video may not be BBC perfect, but sometimes it’s the unique character’s and flaws which turns viewers into fans.

To learn more about appearing in your video’s, read our top five tips for doing your own corporate video narration in this blog.

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