Green screen training videos with the UK’s top pharmacy trainer.


The UK’s top pharmacy training provider is making training videos central to their teaching.

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Green screen is an excellent tool to produce engaging corporate training videos.

In 2016 we produced nearly two dozen training videos for the leading provider of pharmacy training, which has allowed them to “Flip the Classroom” as well as reach many more students than previously possible using traditional methods.

Part of this was the production of a series of videos involving role playing between a pharmacy inspector and different pharmacy staff to demonstrate best practice and illustrate important issues for students.

These training videos used chroma key/green screen techniques to combine live presentation and acting with graphics and illustrations.


The customer’s initial thinking was to source a pharmacy location to shoot the video live.

After a suggestion from ourselves and a test sample, it was decided to use a bespoke virtual pharmacy, and place the actors in it using green screen techniques in our Nottingham studio.

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A virtual set can make for a more engaging and enjoyable training video.

Green screen is commonly used in big budget Hollywood productions such as Star Wars, to put actors into CGI sets. This technique can now be employed at almost any level, adding a huge amount of flexibility to productions.


In addition to a great look which lifts the video, the in-house production of the graphics gave the customer an additional asset, a ‘virtual pharmacy’ to use in future productions, with no licensing or location fees.

Using our Agile production techniques, initial simple narrative scripts were produced by the customer and then edited by ourselves for brevity and best delivery. The shooting plan together with camera work and exact set requirements were then appended to this by ourselves.

Shooting took place in our studio over three days, post production took circa two weeks, including keying, graphic production, timeline editing, audio tweaks, additional introductory slide preparation, output and adjustments from feedback.

All of the cast of the videos were the customers staff.


The end result was four “An Inspector Calls” videos with an average run time of around 5.5 minutes.

From initial concept to final delivery took under a month.

These are now being rolled out to students via a private online facility, with excellent initial feedback.

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