Our longest running video production wraps!


Page One are celebrating wrapping production on our longest running video production after the opening of ASSURED CAV, HORIBA MIRA’s new £100m facility for automated vehicle engineering and testing.

Overview video of the new ASSURED CAV facility.

Located in Nuneaton, Warwickshire over a 350-hectare site, ASSURED CAV provides the latest physical and virtual facilities to support companies in the design, development and testing of self-driving technology.

The facilities replicate real-world scenarios to validate the critical challenges of implementing connected, self-driving technologies, ensuring products are safe, secure and robust.

Page One Creative Director, Doug Marke, said: “We’ve been working since late 2019 shooting video and photography for HORIBA MIRA as they have built one of the most important facilities for the automotive sector, enabling the development of self-driving cars worldwide.

“Over 2.5 years we have created 12TB of data; hundreds of hours of footage and photography captured from nearly 150 hours of flight time and nine cameras mounted on cars, gimbals and tripods, often operating at the same time.

“For the final shoot on the new ‘Highway’ facility, we coordinated nine professional drivers with £500,000 worth of new EVs, including the latest Porsche, Mercedes, Tesla, Polestar, VW, Ford and Audi, to capture footage from our camera car, fixed cameras and drone.”

The project faced many challenges, from the obvious such as the weather and the pandemic, to the not so obvious, such as recreating the actual testing that can be done at ASSURED CAV, on the real-world junction which that testing is based on.

Doug added: “One of the capabilities at ASSURED CAV is the ability to develop and test solutions from ‘Edge Case’ scenarios. One such scenario is based on a uniquely challenging junction for automated vehicles, at Coleshill near Birmingham.

“We needed to recreate public road testing on that Coleshill Junction to replicate the simulation and test footage captured at the ASSURED CAV Highway facility, without closing the junction or impeding other road users. 

“Using professional drivers our team did that in a day with a combination of drones, vehicle mounted and ground cameras.”

Corporate video producers gimbal car kit with Fuji camera
Dave preps the car kit for another run shooting EV’s as part of the ASSURED CAV project.

In addition to capturing raw footage and images, Page One have produced dozens of final videos and rushes packages that are both technically accurate and cinematic, for marketing and technical use, for expert and non-expert stakeholders. 

Doug said: “The extensive set of videos produced have been used across HORIBA MIRA’s social channels and on their website, and have included multi-format social media videos, 4k videos for web and marketing use, video for broadcast outlets, and content designed to be embedded into their website to highlight specific capabilities.

“It’s been very satisfying for all of our team to be involved with the ASSURED CAV project, it’s a keystone facility for the automotive sector, and we’re extremely pleased that HORIBA MIRA trusted us to deliver on the job.” 

Kristy Thompson, Head of Marketing and Communications at HORIBA MIRA, said: “The development of ASSURED CAV has been quite a journey – not only does it represent many years of deep research and investment but it is one of the most comprehensive CAV validation ecosystems globally. This was the biggest video project we’ve ever undertaken and to capture and communicate each element of ASSURED CAV required a huge team effort. We’re incredibly proud to share our story as we bring this unique CAV ecosystem to the market.”

Page One Media has a long history of supporting often confidential work in the automotive sector, working for clients based in the UK and around the world.

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