TikTok or not TikTok, that’s the question.


TikTok is the number one platform for short form video.

Advice for Corporate video on TikTok.
Will your CEO do this?

With nearly 1.8 billion users, over half of Gen Z consumers plus 39% of millennials using the app, it seems a no brainer to use TikTok for corporate video marketing.

But beware!

Video distribution platforms are no longer content agnostic, and TikTok might be the least agnostic platform of all.

TikTok is primarily an entertainment platform for younger generations, with very specific types of content being popular.

So brands need to produce content which is directly targeting this demographic, with types of content which they expect to see on the platform.

Always bear in mind, When you produce content to go on TikTok, you’re producing content for TikTok in the first instance, your business benefits from that as an aside.

TikTok is not where people expect to see advertising or B2B messaging, when that does appear users often react negatively and bounce.

This is a common issue for engagement, we need to give people what they are looking for or they bounce, and platforms are now prequalifying viewers by becoming content and audience specific.

For TikTok, entertainment needs to be your goal.

Video needs to be humorous, light hearted and embrace a popular content paradigm, to have the best chance of success.

If you have a business or product which can produce videos like that, it may be for you.

Lots of businesses are using the platform to sell low cost consumer items like makeup, exercise gear, and cookware so it can be done!

Looking at products cited using the “TikTok made me buy it” hash tag can provide good insight into what will work.

If you have the right product, and are willing to spend for this specific platform, then TikTok short form video can produce a very high ROI.

But if your corporate culture is not a match, your target market is not that demographic, or if you are looking to recycle other content, then you will not get positive engagement, and you could harm your brand.

As platforms proliferate they will become more audience and content specific.

This presents a challenge and an opportunity for video marketers.

It’s easier to target specific personas, but more important to produce content which matches platform expectations.

Agile production enables us to produce videos from core IP for a range of platforms.

But TikTok is so targeted, that specific content will need to be produced for it.

Whilst TikTok content may work on platforms such as Facebook or Instagram Reels and YouTube Shorts, don’t assume it will work the other way!