3 Pass production for animation perfection!


Bespoke animations need close cooperation with clients to ensure that what’s created is in-line with brand expectations.

Agile video production 3 pass animation production using Layout, rough and final pass methodology
Producing corporate animations with passes brings agile into the animation production process.

Our 3 Pass workflow allows us to produce animations logically, embrace client feedback at the optimal time, and ensures that any tweaks or changes need minimal work.

First is the “Layout”, second is the “Rough” and then the “Final” pass.

But before we start on any these, we create the visual assets.

These are characters, sets, vehicles, all of the core visual elements which will be animated.

Sometimes we are able to use existing customer brand assets, other times we create these new.

Once we have the assets, we then commence the “Layout Pass”.

The “Layout Pass” brings together 2 key stages, the storyboard, and asset approval.

This comprises still frames with all the core visual assets in place to show how the narrative will run and if it works.

And it does this in a way that clients get an immediate feel for how the end animation will look and run.

Once thats been approved, we produce the “Rough Pass”.

At this stage we animate the assets, add transitions, and time to any music, subtitles or voice over.

The “Rough Pass” is the first time we see an animation, and allows everyone to put in any tweaks and feedback around that.

Once this is approved, we move onto the “Final Pass”.

The “Final Pass” is when we do all the fine tuning and put in the little details that makes the animation sparkle.

This is then presented for final feedback, any tweaks are actioned and we produce a “VF”, ready for deployment!

Using 3 passes minimises surprises, bringing feedback in at the best time to make change before it becomes time consuming.

Building confidence at every stage.

Nottingham City Transport’s Bio-gas explainer used our 3 pass system; you can see it on their website!

If you’re thinking about producing a bespoke animation, get in touch!