Photographing the World’s Most Exclusive Speakers.


Product photography doesn’t get more exclusive than this…

The worlds most expensive speakers photography by Page One

Product photography doesn’t come more challenging or breathtaking than photographing the world’s most expensive set of speakers.  

Hand made right here in Nottingham, The Vox series of speakers from Living Voice are quite simply the most exclusive and exceptional pieces of audio equipment available world wide.

 Half a Million pounds worth of speakers on set.

They are coveted by the audiophile, but only possessed by those of extraordinary means,  with a price depending on finish, of around £450,000 for a set.

This price reflects not only the extraordinary quality of their output, but the almost unbelievable attention to detail of the build and the finish.

And capturing that finish and build was what we were being asked to do!

On location product photography with the best speakers in the world

Photographing a very shiny thing is not easy.

The quality of the finish on these is simply breathtaking, but sadly, also very glossy.   And as every photographer will know that makes life very difficult.

With only a short window to make the images, (as the speakers were due in the customer’s home within 48 hours of being finished) we had to set up our portable studio gear in Definitive Audio’s facilities, which made controlling the light even more difficult.

Any move of the speakers was fraught with danger, weighing 250 kg each, and not being able to risk any marks or scratches.

Even the slightest bit of dust became an issue.  (And you can’t really stop dust.. try as you might)

Location product photography from Nottingham Photographers Page One.

We had intended to photograph the speakers on multiple backdrops, as well as a live set, however the time taken to get the lighting right, make subtle adjustments to remove shine, moire, etc, made shooting on a second white backdrop impossible.

Lighting was a mixed bag of Bowens heads and soft boxes/brollies.  As well as a dish.

A lot of experimentation went into determining the best setup and modifier.  In the end the simpler light setups, and the single light, delivered the best result.

Colour matching was also an issue.  Everytime we made a subtle light change, the colour of the wood seemed to change.

A really great client.

What made this shoot really great was not just the extraordinary products we were asked to work with, but the team at Living Voice.

The enthusiasm for their product, and their easy manner, made the day a real pleasure.

Despite being on a tight deadline and having a demanding and important customer waiting for delivery, they seemed to exhibit no stress and worked hard to make our job as easy as possible.

I, on the other hand, had a stressful run up to the job, worried that even the slightest scratch would mean selling my house…..

Nottingham location product photography worlds most expensive speakers

For all the gear heads out there, everything was shot on our Canon’s, with an assortment of lenses including the 24-70 F4L, 35 1.4 L, 50 1.2 L, 135 2.0 L and a few others.  Radio triggers by Yongnuo, Bowens lighting.

If you’re in the market for the finest audio gear in the universe, then you need to get in touch with Living Voice.

If you need some location product photography, then you should get in touch with us!