Making the most of your video assets.


Video Assets are more than just a short term product

Narrowcasting your business video content doesn’t mean limiting the use of valuable video assets.

Sometimes a minor rejig and new graphics can open up your videos to a whole new market.

We recently produced a series of short videos for Nottingham City Transport’s student marketing campaign.

Whilst this material was very narrowcast in nature, a slight re-edit and new graphics has allowed them to target a whole new market for what is essentially the same service, using the previously shot material.

We have talked a lot about how a stills photography library can be a real asset for a business, and that production of photography should be thought of as investing in a long term asset.

The same is also true of video assets. Approaching your video production needs from the ground up, thinking about producing basic material which illustrates a business and its services, can be an excellent way to overcome the barrier of “What sort of video should we make?”

Starting with basic product and explainer videos, producing assets which can provide the basis for future video productions and ideas, can not only help you to build trust and increase conversions, but save money and directly build an asset for your business.

If you would like to talk to us about how we can help you to build a library of video which will benefit your business moving forward, please contact us.