A series of short form videos for Nottingham City Transport.


We recently finished a series of 7 online short form videos for Nottingham City Transport’s student Social Video Marketing campaign.

We have for the past couple of years been producing web videos for Nottingham’s main bus operator, but this request was slightly different.

These had to be much shorter than the normal pieces we produced for them, but they still needed to carry a narrative and get some crucial marketing and pricing messages across.

Plus, we needed to shoot the students before they disappeared on their summer break. Which was 10 days away.

Now, our whole core focus is on shooting organically, with little prep and scripting. But these videos were much more message focused, and we were only going to get one shot with the students.

And we needed to do all the live film work in two days.

And we were for the most part going to be using live services.

So the challenge was on!

In conjunction with Mr NCT and Abstrakt Creative, we quickly came up with some basic concepts, arranged consents for locations… then with the loose ideas, shot all the live action, improvising the script details on the day.

Additional B roll footage was shot over the next couple of months as the weather allowed, with the final footage, (which required an operating tram in Clifton as an extra) being completed in the last week in August.

From a loose collection of ideas, developed almost ad hoc as the projects matured, we have produced a series of 7 short videos, the longest being 42 seconds and the shortest, (And our favourite…) being 20 seconds.

You can see all of the videos on NCT’s YouTube channel at https://www.youtube.com/user/NCTBus

The videos were shot exclusively on our Canon 5dmk3’s.

Whilst this is a old video blog,  Short Form videos are more important now than ever,  contact us for yours!