How do I embed video in my website?


A basic explanation of how to embed video on a website.

Embeding a video is easy, you don't need your own machine.
You don’t need a video cassette player, to embed video!

Every business will have different needs in terms of how to embed video on their website.

But there are some basic principles to understand which will make it less of a mystery for the total newbie.

To embed video in your site, your video needs to be hosted on a server with the appropriate software which allows the video to be played out on users devices.

You don’t need your own VCR to do it!

The three big hosts are YouTube, Vimeo, and Wistia.

Putting your video into one of these sites will allow you to then embed it into your website.

All three hosts will automatically generate code which can be placed into your HTML on your website to embed video.

So, it’s just a matter of uploading your video to your host, grabbing your embed code, then pasting it into your website.

Some websites, such as those made with WordPress, make it even easier.

If you use WordPress you can simply grab the web address of the video, and enter that into a post or page, and WordPress will do the rest.

So, it’s very easy using one of the big three, and your designer can help you to integrate the video in an attractive way on your site, but the basic answer is;

Select a host.

Create an account or “Channel” with the host and upload your video.

Copy the embed code generated by the host for your video, then paste that into your website.

If your using WordPress, you can simply copy the web address, and then paste that into your blog or page.

If you then explore your hosts facilities a bit more, you will find that you can alter the way the player looks on your site, add a call to action, see statistics… all sorts of good things!

Choosing a host for your video is an important decision, each host offers a slightly different set of options and advantages, take a look at this post which helps you to see if your video is appropriate for Youtube.

If you want help setting up your business Youtube or Vimeo facility , contact Nottingham video production company Page One.