Fishy Photography in Nottingham……


Jack Heathcote has a big secret in his cellar…. The largest private fish tank in the UK.

4000 Gallons and the size of his living room, you wont find him taking his dog for a walk, but instead swimming with his fishies….

When Chris returned from this shoot, I was gobsmacked, and from the response from newspapers and magazines around the world, I wasnt alone!

Jack Heathcote cleaning his fish tank.
Jack contemplates life inside his fish tank..
Jack swims with his fish....
Jack doesnt have a telly!

You can see how some of the papers have used these images…

The Sun

Daily Mail

It has also been lifted by various dodgy websites in the US and France, and we are currently working to get these shut down…. I would’nt mind so much if they asked us and gave us a credit… but when they chop off our information its taking the michael…..

Chris shot this on his 5dmk2 and lit it with several remote lights…. Shooting through glass is always a nightmare and he had to work hard to keep his brollies from reflecting in the glass.