Canon 7d… a real life review!


We have been using Canon’s new(ish) 7d for around 4 months now, and I am beginning to feel that I have come to grips with this beast!

We purchased 3 new 7d’s and 3 new 5dmk2’s in October, so we have had a good broad range of jobs to put them through their paces on. We have done some low light party work.. I have done some night work at East Midlands Airport… we have done some news jobs… as well as the normal range of portraits, conferences, and photocalls.

At first, like many others, the AF left me a bit bewildered and confused. I was not a happy puppy.

After struggling for a few weeks, and getting more and more annoyed, I finally broke down and read the instructions.

Now, that may sound like a obvious first step.. but as a highly experience photographer who has used every camera between the Nikkormat FTN and the Canon 1dsmk2… I sure dont need no stinking instructions to tell me how to take a picture….. Well thats what I thought.

After spending maybe 10 minutes with my head in the book… I had set it up just the way I like it. And guess what… its great!

I now feel more confident with this machine than I did with the 1d mk2 which it replaced. So, happy as charlie.

None of our machines have had any of the “Ghosting” problems that others have reported, so we have had no issues with image quality at all.

The noise on this machine is the best I have ever seen. It gives a lovely nice almost filmic sort of grain at high speeds… ie plus 3200 iso.

Overall the machines have exceeded our expectations. I am now wondering why I bothered with the more expensive 5dmk2…

A great camera. Highly recommended.