30 minutes with Paul Daley.


Paul Daley is one of the UK’s top “Mixed Martial Arts” fighters. Quite what that means was a mystery to me, when I rolled up to Liberty’s Gym in Nottingham to photograph him for a certain national newspaper.

What it means, after watching him spar, is he is one Tough Guy!

With 30 minutes to do a set of portraits, and training pictures… here are the results…

Portraits first…. 2 lights with radio slaves again… shot on the 5d…

Paul Daley, Fighter.
Paul Daley, Fighter
Paul Daley, Fighter

But before I did those, I had a rare opportunity to do some traditional photojournalism styley piccies…. (Actually this was more born of desperation after it became clear that setting something up was out of the question time wise!)

The originals were delivered to the client in both colour and black and white… but here I present the black and white versions…. which I think are nicely evocative.

Paul Daley sparing.
Paul Daley Sparing.
Paul collapses after sparing.
Paul is coached after sparing.
Paul is coached after his sparing.

So, what had started as a bit of a cluster, turned out pretty well..

For the techies out their, all lighting in the first set is Canon 580, 2 heads, one bare, one on a softbox… camera is 5dmk2, lenses are 70-200 f2.8 canon and 17-40 canon… the black and white training piccies are all at 1600 iso and on the same lenses… iirc I think I shot some of those on the 7d…..

Gobsmaking to me was the fact that our red top client ran 2 of the PJ styley pics and a portrait! (Though not one of the above…. again.. they didn’t pick my favorite!)

And Paul won his fight, something called “Bamma 5” !