They never use the best picture!

Chris Broad at home with his wife Mich.
Chris Broad at home with his wife Miche.

It was a pleasure last week to meet the former Notts and England cricketer Chris Broad. He had been trapped in a mini bus in Harare during the recent terrorist attack on the Sri Lankan cricket team, and had been lucky to escape with his life.

I had been asked to do some portraits of him and his wife Miche at their home in Nottingham for the Sunday Times, who ran a piece in last weeks paper about this experience.

A very specific brief had been provided by Ray Wells, the picture editor of the ST, which I hope that I was able to fulfill….. but as usual my favorite picture happened by accident, when his dog Meg came into the room.

The resultant picture I think summed up nicely the undoubted relief and welcome that must have greeted Chris on his return.

They say you should never work with small children or animals, but not this time!

PS; To all the media out there… Its Miche… not Michelle!