I love my 1ds mk2…..


And the more I think about it, the more I am inclined towards picking up a second one….

I know that the new Mk3 is out, but who really needs 66mb files? And who can spend nearly £5000 on one?

After 3 years of using the 1ds mk2, I still love the camera, it delivers great pictures, with a certain indefinable feel that I just love. It’s robust, it’s good in low light, it’s got excellent AF, I just can’t see any reason why I would want anything else.

Have digital cameras now matured enough so that we should pick the machine on the same basis as choosing between Kodak EPP 100 or Fujichrome 100? Should we be choosing, not because it has better technical specs, but because we just like the way the pictures feel? (I was an EPP 100 man myself btw.)

Now the great news is that you can get mint used 1ds mk2’s for around £2500… which is a absolute bargain for what is still a corker of a camera.

The new 5dk2 or 3d or 6d or whatever will probably/maybe out sometime later this year, but that will be around £1800, and probably not as well put together… So the 1ds mk2 may right now be the bargain of the decade.

Funny thing is, I normally hanker after the newest cameras, just to get technically better pictures, but not now. For now I’m a happy camper.