Building services video production.


Construction and Utility video showreel

You might not be aware that we have a tweak on our 2015/16 corporate video showreel which reflects a bit more of the work we do for building services, construction and utility clients.

We produce a considerable amount of video and photography for this sector, working for companies such as E.ON, Barratt homes, John Brash, RWE, Siemens and others; which means that we can often be found in our hard hats producing case studies, training videos, testimonials, production videos, architectural photography, property tour videos, and more.

In the past year alone we have produced a series of STEM education videos for E.ON, training videos for Uniper, installation and case study videos for CUF, trackside photography for Siemens, a total photography rebrand exercise for Rock Power, product videos for John Brash, and a lot more!

In fact we do so much work in this sector that all of our staff have CSCS Site Visitor cards!

Producing corporate video and photography in the building services, construction and utilities sector forces us into working in a less intrusive and more responsive manner, using less gear with less people, whilst still producing great images. Because we are familiar with these environments, we are rarely surprised, are properly equipped, and cause minimal disruption.

If you’re a house builder looking for a property tour video, heating and plumbing installer, or maybe you’re installing renewables, or doing anything else that involves wearing steel toed boots and proper work, contact us! We can help tell your story.