5 business videos you need BEFORE a Brand Video.


5 essential business videos you should have before you do a brand video

A Brand video can play a strong role in establishing corporate values for customers, but they are often expensive exercises that require high degrees of stakeholder involvement, (which adds costs,) and lack a clear pathway to measure conversions and ROI.

They are often produced to fill a form gap ( We need some video on our website!!), when in fact video should be used to fill a content gap (We need to show customers how to better use our widget!!).

For most small businesses starting down the video route, content should be focussed on customer needs, it shouldn’t be so much about you…as about them.

How can you help your customers with video?

By giving them high quality information which answers their questions and builds their trust in your product. By focusing your corporate video on providing content which adds value to your customers.

Our top five types of business videos which you should have on your site before you do a brand video are;

1) Customer Testimonials.

These are actually little videos about you, but from an independent third party. These are the best tool for building trust and the most effective video marketing tools. Testimonial videos often send the exact same message you would like to send in a brand video, but with added credibility. Here’s a great little testimonial video we produced for Little Wickets. Look for the Celebrities!

2) Product videos.

Often very simple videos which directly show off your product, combined with key USP’s. These can range from 360′ examinations with text, through narrated demonstrations. Either way they convert your customers perception of your product from something nebulous in his imagination… to something solid.

3) Production Videos.

Again this is about building trust. Show how your product is made. Demonstrate the care and skill which you put into what you sell. This adds value from the customers perspective by aligning yourself with a customers values, and of course really demonstrating any USP you might have.

4) Case Study videos.

A more in-depth examination of how your products have been employed, why they were chosen, and the benefits they have brought to a particular customer, is another important step in the trust building process. These can often be produced at the same time as a testimonial. Add some tips about your product from an actual customer and you add even more value to your product.

5) How-To Videos.

How-To videos are now the second most popular type of video on Youtube, with year on year search requests for this type of video increasing by 70%. How-To videos directly answer a customer need, demonstrating how they can use your product, or something related to your product. They build trust through demonstrating your expertise, and drive conversions through association.

We call these type’s of video content narrowcasting.

With narrowcast content we seek to drill down and provide exactly the content that our target market needs to enable them to make a decision. Our five video types above target trust building directly, but there will be many other types of videos you could do, based upon what your specific customer needs are.

The great thing about starting your video journey with targeted narrowcast video content, is that you will learn more about yourself during the journey, acquire lots of nice stories, and in the end have a pool of material which can be turned into a more meaningful brand video.

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