Why you need Video on your website…..


Embedded Video is fast becoming the most powerful media tool to improve your SEO and your conversions. But don’t just take our word for that…

Invodo recently published some astonishing stats that show just how big an impact product videos can have on a retailer’s conversions… and whilst these stats are directly related to product videos, it doesn’t take much of a leap to realise that a lot of the lessons also apply to other types of videos online.

Josh Hardwick in this great blog explores and explains how embedding video in a website can have a dramatic impact on backlinks, and as a consequence SEO. He also talks extensively about how video increases engagement, customer trust, and thence conversions.

Here are some simple stats about the impact video has online;

In 2012 1.3 Billion people watched an average of 180 videos online each month.

The average website user spends 88% more time on a website with a video.

Over 68% of viewers share a video.

Pro produced video drives a average 25 point lift in share of a product, and a 16 point lift of a brands total product line.

Landing pages with embedded video have a 80% increase in conversions.

Emails with video have a 96% increase in click through rates.

and perhaps most importantly;

Videos have a 41% higher click rate on normal search results over plain text pages.

Of course one of the barriers to adding video to a website is cost. This is something which we are very aware of at Page One and have been working hard to try to make video that is cost effective for businesses on tight marketing budgets.

Keeping your productions simple, with a narrowcast approach to producing relevant targeted content for your market, can help to bring maximum value to your production.

Turn projects around quickly, the longer a project takes, the less value it provides.

Don’t pay for stuff you don’t need. If your use is online, then you don’t need 4k for example. Convoluted preproduction or complex graphics add costs. Does your project need these?

Video can provide excellent content, engaging with customers, building trust, and winning conversions, but to do this at a price you can afford needs thought.

Stats above sourced from Comscore, Getty, Google, Nielson, strategyanalytics, and a few others….

This Blog post is now a decade old,  but using video for your marketing on your website or social media is even more important today.  To find out how we can help you do that,  Contact Us!