Who says you can’t Run and Gun with the 5d??


We are now shooting a lot of our corporate and business video with our Canon 5dmk3’s, and conventional thinking is that you can’t really Run and Gun with these cameras.

We think that’s nonsense.

If you know these cameras instinctively like we do, and have a good audio set up, then the advantages of using them, with their excellent low light capabilities, wide dynamic range, and superior colour rendering over conventional video cameras, are obvious.

Last week we produced for our friends at Nottingham City Transport a short “fly on the wall” film documenting MP Lilian Greenwood taking the Guide Dogs “Blindfold Challenge”.

With no real idea of how the event would go, we were given a pretty simple brief…. Go along and see what happens!

So, with Charlotte in tow to help carry my stuff, including two cameras, radio mic, boom mic and tripod, we set off!

We did a couple of short bits to camera, then set of with Lilian on a couple of rapid bus trips. A frenetic hour dodging baffled shoppers and students, and we were back in the city centre. A quick piece to camera with Lilian and then another with Mr NCT himself, (No one wanted to stand around too much in the rain…) and it was job done!

Whilst we had the tripod, you can see in the result that it was practically all hand held video..(we did have the second camera bolted into the bus on a rapid mount for an interior shot whilst the bus was in transit.)

In the end, a 4.5 minute video shot and turned around in less than 48 hour… with one photographer and assistant, and edited by same!

Using these cameras can be challenging. You have to know them very well to work the menus and options quickly, but the dividends we feel in terms of picture quality are worth it.

For the Techno geeks out their…. I used 2 Canon 5dmk3’s, the Canon 17-40l, the 85mm F1.8, the 20mm F2.8, the Rode Video Mic, and the Sennheiser radio mic.

Whilst this post was written nearly a decade ago, Our new cameras for both video and stills keep with the tradition first launched with the Canons,  but add 10 bit colour, high data rates, better AF slo-mo, and even more!

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