Weather Challenges!


The cold weather is proving to be a real challenge for our photography!

Cancellations from our corporate clients have been the biggest problem, but just getting out has made life more difficult for our editorial work as well. Whilst we havent had much snow here in Nottingham, go just a bit north to Sheffield and there is two feet of the stuff around!

The cold weather has made for other more technical challenges as well.

Whilst the 5d and 7d cameras seem to function pretty well down to -10 or so, we do have to be especially carefull when bringing cold soaked machines into a warm and humid environment. The lenses quickly mist up, and whilst this is bad because it stops us taking, this condensation causes even more problems to the electronics.

During the early part of my career in Canada, I wrote off several Contax RTS cameras by not taking proper care.

My number 1 tip for photographers in cold weather is to have a stock of zip lock bags.

Seal all your photography gear into the bags until they reach the ambient temperature of the location your working in, that way you avoid any risk of condensation ruining your cameras!

At least we no longer have to worry about the film freezing, but it sure takes me back.

My 2nd big weather tip for photographers is proper boots!

We have our Sorel Caribou’s on! Proper Canadian Boots!

Take care and try not to slip!