We love it when our pictures are used well!


And this week we have seen two nice big websites for totally different types of clients go live!

First there was B&J Parr, a plastics recycling firm. We were engaged to produce a big spread of images for both their website and for general library use. This included stock product material, arty process images, portraits and of course some general site views.

BJ Parr photography by Dave Marsden at Page One Photography.

Dave visited them before the shoot to work up a shot list and receive art direction from the company’s creative agency Xposure Creative in Mansfield, and then spent a day and a half on location with the client and Xposure shooting the job. In the end we delivered 250 images which Xposure have been able to work into a great site, and which now sit at the core of a new library of material for the client.

The second site to go live was of a totally different nature. Working with Redbrick we spent two days a few months back creating a whole raft of high impact bold images to illustrate the new website and prospectus which Redbrick were producing for Ockbrook School in Derbyshire.

Ockbrook school photography by Doug Marke at PAGE ONE photography

With some excellent art direction from Redbrick, Doug used some bold techniques with available and strobist style lighting to produce a range of images illustrating various aspects of the school, including music, arts, maths, athletics and outdoor activities. The results sit at the core of the new site and are supplemented by material shot by the school.

What has been great from our perspective on both of these jobs was working with some great creative partners to realise their vision. Most of the time we are working on our own, and we are responsible for the end product. (Which of course we enjoy! ) But we also like to work collaboratively, adding ideas to a pool and using our skills to bring a vision together!

Another nice observation from these two shoots was that we were able to produce a library of material…. instead of images shot for short term use, the clients have invested in their photography and will be able to use the material to support the brand well into the future. Photography as an investment!