We have a new Photographic Apprentice!


If you have heard a new voice on the phone when calling us recently, it may have been our new Photographic Apprentice!

With the help of the good folk at the Confetti Media Group we have recruited Charlotte Slater into our team as our new Digital media and photographic assistant apprentice.

Charlotte will be helping with all sorts of tasks in the office, as well as working in the field with myself and Dave on both still and video shoots.

Charlotte Slater Page One Photography Apprentice
Charlotte Slater, Page One Apprentice.

Page One has a long history of employing young junior photographers, as well as giving opportunities for internships and work experience, but this is the first time that we have had an actual apprentice!

With the industry going through substantial change, we felt it was time to look outside of the normal channels for us to bring in new talent. In the past we have had young people come to us from the NCTJ Photography program in Sheffield, as well as directly joining us in junior roles.

Charlotte’s training will embrace new digital areas which our other junior roles didn’t, including digital marketing, video production, digital asset management, and more traditional commercial photographic skills.

Since joining us only a short time ago, Charlotte has already had a big impact. She has been working on our recent marketing campaigns, (doing research as well as helping in the delivery of the program) and has tackled many of the traditional roles of the Photographic assistant, including helping with our extensive library of stock material, helping out on jobs for clients such as E.on, The Sunday Times, and most recently Teer Coatings.

As well as laying the foundations for a successful career in media for Charlotte, we are also confident that she will help us to provide better photography and a better service to our customers!