Tungsten Video lights for sale!


We are having a bit of a clear out of corporate and business video production gear which we no longer need, and have a set of Calumet Bravo Tungsten video lights for sale cheap!

We have 3x Bravo V300 lamps together with barn doors , and 2 x Bravo 1000 lamps, again with barn doors, which are surplus to our needs.

These have been used for our video production both in the studio and on location.

Below is one of the Bravo V300 lights, and the entire set.

Note stands are not included.

Bravo V300 for sale


Bravo video lights for sale


1x Bravo 300 and 1x Bravo 1000 have bulbs and fuses and can be seen working, but 2 of the Bravo V300 lamps, and one of the Bravo 1000 lamps, will need new bulbs. (You can order them from Calumet)

The V300’s are all in good nick, but the 1000’s are a bit more used with signs of use.

These are powerful tungsten lights, and are good for larger scenes or green screen shoots.

£75 for the ENTIRE SET!

This is really cheap and a reflection of the fact your gonna need some bulbs.

Buyer collects from our Nottingham studio please!

Please note these are used lamps, and we offer no warranty of any sort, we are photographers, not dealers in equipment!

Contact us at Nottingham video production company Page One for further details.