Quick review of our new Gini Video rig….



Have had a few plays with the new DSLR video rig delivered from Korea, courtesy of Ebay Seller Gini.1989….

I was a bit nervous, as he is not one of the big names, and he is a lot cheaper…
But I gave it a punt…
And I have to say that this is one fabulous bit of gear, hewn out of solid steel as far as I can see, very very well engineered.
And delivered in 2 weeks to Nottingham all the way from Seoul.

Cant say enough good things really, its a work of art.

And it even came with a few extra bits that I cant seem to figure out what to do with!

Thanks Gini!

Now if someone can please recommend a good Final Cut Pro trainer in Nottingham, Leicester, or Derby, then I would be a happy Photographer!