Buyer Case Study

Customer testimonial and case study.

This property case study and testimonial highlights a family from Nottingham.

Customer testimonial videos are often the most difficult corporate videos for a business to produce.

So it was a delight to work with Harron Homes and Unsworth Sugden to film this testimonial with a family who were so happy with their home they bought a second one on the same development!

It was also a delight to shoot something only just a couple of miles from our Nottingham studio,  it’s not unusual to travel across the UK for our clients.

Shot in two parts,  one with the customer and another at an identical show home in Yorkshire. the shoot was made more challenging by the fact it was at Christmas, so we had to avoid decorations, and we had were at the mercy of the weather.

Fortunately on the day it all came good, and with a very happy and helpfull family,  the job was done!

If you need help producing a property testimonial video case study,  near or far from Nottingham,  Get in  Touch!