Sweden Winter Testing

Winter testing for REE Automotive.

With lows of -20c, this video production delivered in extreme conditions!

Winter testing in the automotive sector is a crucial step on the road to homologation,  and capturing that on video is almost as testing!

With lows of -20c and lots of snow, all outdoor video production is a challenge, from keeping the cameras powered, to keeping your toes.

The shoot was undertaken alongside live testing of the REE P7 over a week, flying into Colmis in Northern Sweden, by a single person crew.

This was enabled by using a range of new compact gear, including the DJI Mini 3 Pro, new GoPro 11s, and of course the latest Fuji DSLRs to produce open gate content.

(Plus a pair of Sorel Caribous!)

Outputs included two edits of a main video to keep stakeholders updated around development progress, as well as a range of social outputs and still images.

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