Royal Visit Video

Corporate Royal Event Video

When Horiba MIRA learnt they were getting a royal visitor to their facilities, they turned to us to provide a video of the event.

A royal visit can be a stressful event for a corporate events team, and the plan often goes out the window when the realities of the day get in the way, our extensive experience of these events as part of our editorial work, helped alleviate those concerns.

With the need to work seamlessly alongside the royal rota, we needed to be quick on our feet and light in our approach.

This two minute video covering the Duke’s visit is the result. Shot mainly on the C100, with one fixed shot from the GH5s and a drone shot, we used high frame rates to allow us to ramp footage for impact.

Edited and delivered in 48 hours, the client required no revisions to the content. (A first for any video they have commissioned according to the client!)

In addition to the video content, we also provided stills photography, with a selection delivered whilst the Duke was still on site for social media use.