One Take Fly-Through

Production line video for REE

This One Take video is more complex than it looks!

Factory fly-through videos are a great way to showcase a business’s high-tech production line, but this one from REE was slightly different.

Instead of a fast fly-through, REE wanted to follow the build of a single P7 corner unit through the production line.

As well as showing the full build, we set ourselves a few aspirational targets….

1) We would start outside the factory…

2) The video would appear as one take

3) We would, after the full build, back up through the line in a “Frozen in time” moment as part of that one take…

To do the above, we needed to get onto the factory, bypassing a bunch of workshops, cross the factory floor, fix the camera to the P7 so it wouldn’t interfere with the robots, then detach the camera, circle the unit, and then fly backwards through the line whilst everyone stood very still.

So whilst this looks like one shot, it’s actually done using 3 different cameras, (including FPV GoPro 11 drone work from our colleague Luke Gale, gimbal mounted Fuji XH-2s material and fixed Fuji XH-2s.) and a lot of planning.

This allowed us to shoot the entire project in open gate 6k, and then output not only the 16:9 version seen here, but also square and vertical versions, from the same footage.

If you have what sounds like a simple video to shoot, but is actually something a lot more complex, get in touch!