Mandarin Development Video

Full Mandarin video for Barratt International.

Native language videos are key to international sales.

Narrated development overview videos can be a powerful way to build trust with potential buyers, be it in the UK or for your international markets.

With international sales now more important than ever, producing video content in target market native languages, is central to success for your sales teams.

At Page One we have a proven and practiced method for producing native language videos, which ensures that translations make sense, and clients dont need to rely on often flawed automated translations from Youtube etc.

This Mandarin language version of a Development overview video is an excellent case in point.  With a full Mandarin narration, subtitles, and key motion graphics,  this video for Barratt Londons international division ticks all of the boxes for sales into this huge market.

Produced in conjunction with an English Language version, we were able to use our translation methodology to ensure that content was accurate and matched images and motion graphics, despite not having any Mandarin language skills in house.

If you want to partner with us to help boost your international sales through the use of native language video content,  Get in Touch!