EV Fire Demo Video

EV fire video for Prosol UK

Ev fires are dangerous, this video shows shows that spectacularly!

EV fires are a real challenge for the emergency services.

Prosol UK have designed a new fire blanket to help address this problem,  and make fighting an EV fire easier and safer.

Our role was to film a demonstration of the new blanket in action,  and produce a short high impact video to demonstrate its effectiveness.

We deployed a selection of our Fuji XT series cameras, together with our Autel Drone, and a four person crew, to catch all the action on the day.

With only one car to torch,  we needed to ensure that we got everything live and in one go.

In the end we were lucky with a perfect day, and we delivered a full rushes package, a 4k video for embed on their website, as well as lower resolution versions for social media, and sponsored Linkdin content.

Output in a letterbox for dramatic impact and complete with explosions and firemen, the video is an excellent example of how a simple approach, combined with high quality footage, can produce dramatic and engaging content.