European Corporate Overview

Corporate Brand Video.

It’s like we’re preparing to launch a rocket to the moon!

Horiba Stakeholder.

When HORIBA was looking for a new corporate brand video to illustrate their activities across Europe, they naturally turned to Page One.

Having worked for the global technology company across multiple projects since prior to the Pandemic, we have excellent knowledge of the brand and their activities, together with experience on almost all of their locations across the continent.

So we were able to easily undertake full script development, then plan and execute new video shoots at a diverse set of locations across Germany, to produce new footage for a new brand video to ensure that their latest capabilities were highlighted.

All new footage was shot to full Netflix standards on Sony equipment, and then graded on our broadcast standard grading suite in our Nottingham studio, then output in 4k with both subtitled and non-subtitled versions.

The video was so well received that it has now been rolled out for use by their Japanese parent company as part of their wider marketing.

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