Dental Practice Video

Dental practice testimonial video.

For dental practices, video is an excellent way to highlight key USP’s and services, as well as helping to overcome any fears and nerves around visiting!

This video was produced for the Beeston Dental Practice, near Nottingham, which is a family owned practice now being run by the son of the founder.

In this instance we used a three person crew to record and manage the interview with the patient, as well as shoot an extensive selection of B-roll material to illustrate.

By recording the narrative separately off camera, the delivery of key messages is made easier, and we can easily trim and edit to overcome any presentation issues.

Often an on-camera interview is the biggest problem for non-professional interviewees. By avoiding any on-camera delivery, this problem is eliminated.

With the appropriate imagery accompanying, this approach makes for a more engaging video avoiding pointless talking heads, and making it easier to embed subtitles and vary the message.

It also has substantial advantages in reducing the time in production, and thus costs.