Engineering Promotional Video

HORIBA MIRA Promotional Video

One of four corporate promotion videos produced for HORIBA MIRA to highlight the engineering that has gone into their EDC Jaguar, a unique hybrid vehicle.

Shot over three days at their UK facilities, we produced two promo videos for use at events where audio would not be available, (one in English and one in Mandarin) a very short 30 second social media video for use as a sting, plus a full corporate video including interviews.

The Mandarin version was translated from the original English by HORIBA MIRA’s Chinese engineers, and we then produced the new version from fonts specially obtained for the video, in conjunction with HORIBA MIRA.

Producing a translation that made sense of a complex engineering project required several rounds of fine tuning and re-scripting, combined with very careful proofing, to produce the final version.

Shot with up to six different cameras at one time, a specialist chase vehicle, and a crew of four, the project was delivered in six weeks from initial commission to final delivery.

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You can see how HORIBA MIRA have used the full version by visiting their website here.