Business Seminar Video

Switch2 seminar video.

This business seminar event video was shot in London for one of the UK’s top community heating providers, Switch2.

Incorporating interviews and testimonials, live event footage and time-lapse, this video provides an excellent overview of the seminar to use externally to promote future events.

With a crew of four using three cameras, we shot the event live, then also shot a number of short interviews and testimonials with participants.

Whilst internal time-lapse of the event had been pre-planned, it was only on arrival at the location on the previous evening that the opportunity for the external shot was also realised, and a camera enabled to capture this as the sun came up on St. Paul’s Cathedral.

With good photography and careful grading in post, this video delivers a quality cinematic feel and demonstrates what is possible to lift a business event video to reflect well on a company’s brand.