Automotive Benchmarking Video

Benchmarking the new REE P7-B

This automotive benchmarking video pitted the new REE P7-B against a standard box van, and made for a challenging two day shoot!

Page One has been lucky recently to be working with REE Automotive to provide video content from the UK to accompany the development of their revolutionary new commercial EV solution.

This benchmarking video was produced to show how the REEcorners enable superior agility and flexibility over a conventional commercial vehicle.

Shot in challenging weather conditions over a couple of days, we made use of ground and drone cameras, together with VFX and motion graphics to ensure that the message was communicated with clarity, and inline with the REE brand.

You can’t always control the weather on a shoot, so the use of VFX can help enormously if things go wrong. ┬áIn this case rain meant that the overhead visuals of the track were a mess, and lacked clarity to see what had happened, so we cleaned the puddles up and brought the track back into a dry state.

This, in conjunction with an extensive set of motion graphics, ensured that the story was clear, and helped to deliver the key messages required by the client.

REEcorners are bringing revolutionary change to the commercial vehicle sector, and we’ve been very excited to be involved with that!