Molecular Profiles, Photography as an asset.


Dave did a great photoshoot last month producing new photography for website and corporate use by Nottingham based hi-tech research company Molecular Profiles.

We were asked by the company to produce a wide range of images to illustrate the business on their website, and also to hold in their library for corporate use in the future.

As such the customer now has an extensive library of bold pictures they can use for all sorts of projects in the future. This approach turns their spend from an expense, into an investment, enabling them to use their photography as an asset. Instead of relying on stock images for illustrations in their marketing, they now have an excellent supply of their own strong pictures.

The variety of images shot on this job, ranging from corporate portraits to production process shots and details, was the outstanding feature for us. Shot over a two day period, Dave, with help from Charlotte, was able to get his teeth into a variety of lighting situations, and produced a great set of bold images.

It was an exciting and rewarding two days, and whilst we were on site the business was actually sold to new investors! Dave was able to produce a set of images at the time which were made available on the same day for the customer to use on his press release about the sale, which ended up being published by several titles.

Commercial photography at Molecular Profiles in Nottingham by Page One.

Nottingham Commercial and corporate Photography

Corporate and commercial photography in Nottingham

You can see a more extensive selection of the images at the online gallery here….

We love customers who understand that photography is more than just pressing a button, that when done well and with thought can be used to enhance the core values of a brand across a multiple of platforms.

If a business uses poor quality photography (or stock photography) in its marketing, then what does that say about the core brand values of that business?

It always surprises me how businesses will often produce work that actually harms their core values and brands, when with a bit of thought they could have used the opportunity positively. Most often this is just a case of producing poorly composed and dull images, something which a good photographer would have fixed with almost no effort.

This is especially true when a business commissions PR work. It’s important when producing PR photography that the quality is right, as this material, if published, will potentially be viewed by a very large number of people.

Businesses need to understand that photography can be a valuable asset in the now much more visual savvy world that we inhabit. Done well it can quickly reinforce core brand values, and communicate a positive image, and this asset can be reused across various platforms delivering this message time and time again.

Photography is expensive when you don’t realise the full value of what is produced. Thinking of photography as an asset can make it remarkably inexpensive!

Another customer of ours who uses their photography as an asset is Trinity School in Nottingham, you can read about them in our next blog…





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