Adam talks about joining Page One!


Adam recently joined the team here at Page One as our new Production Assistant Apprentice and in this blog he talks about his transition from college to working in a busy photographic and video production company.

Adam cooper in our nottingham video and photography production studio
Adam Cooper. Our new video and photography production apprentice in our Nottingham studio.

Stepping into the world beyond sixth form college was a somewhat daunting thought a few months ago.

Not knowing where I wanted to go or what I wanted to do wasn’t the most motivating mentality to have.

Having had no previous work experience I thought just continuing down the academic route and going to university would be the easiest decision. Despite feeling that way, I wanted to get doing something more practical. I wanted to finish with the long lectures and endless revision of facts. I wanted to start learning by doing.

?After much deliberation I made my decision to go with an apprenticeship.

Aside from my love of biology I have always had a passion for technology and media. I thought it’d be a nice change to focus on the latter so stumbling across the position to become an apprentice at Page One was an exciting feeling.

I got my CV together, made myself a covering letter, and set out to grab myself the job. Passing the first interview after having to give a presentation meant I could go on to the interview with the guys at Page One. I was unbelievably nervous but I attempted to keep my cool as best I could.

A few weeks later I got a call asking if I could start in September.

Struggling to contain myself, I said I would be delighted and I’ve been here ever since.

??I’ve been thoroughly enjoying the past 2 months. Doug, Abi, Dave and Charlotte have been extremely welcoming. I’ve had the opportunity to get hands on and do some practical work with some high end cameras and equipment. I’ve learnt some lighting skills and assisted in some of the photo editing. I also think I’ve been to more places these past two months than I have in the past two years. It’s been great getting out and about and meeting new people.

My first college modules are due to commence soon meaning I’ll be well on my way to getting my level 3 qualification. ??It’s been a rather seamless transition into the world of work and I believe the guys here at Page One have made it all the more better.