New Master Video Download!


We have updated the master video files, (“Original” in our download options) which we provide, to a more efficient and better quality codec to improve your experience and provide a more future proof video.

This codec is almost universally useable, but on some older legacy systems issues may be encountered.

Our system also provides customers with the option of downloading smaller versions of their videos, in particular there is an option to download an “HD 1080p” mp4 version, which has a much smaller file size, whilst still providing excellent quality.

Whilst the “Original” master video version is directly suitable for use on most social media platforms, this version will make sharing easier and faster.

If you encounter any issues with your new master files, we recommend downloading the “2160p” version for immediate use/sharing, which still provides great 4k quality, but at a more compressed setting.

As always we want you to have the best experience of our videos, please contact us directly if you have any queries!